Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children

Our Safeguarding courses have been created because, first and foremost, each and every one of us
has basic human rights. Chief among these is the right to be healthy, happy and treated well,
regardless of race, age, gender or location. When these rights are abused in some way it’s wrong,
and it is therefore vital that guidelines, policies and procedures are followed to enable everyone,
without exception to live a life in which these basic values and rights are maintained and upheld.

Everyone, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnicity or background has the right to a
healthy, happy life. Safeguarding is about minimising and managing the risks to vulnerable

This course, ‘Safeguarding Children’, is aimed at anyone who has a duty of care for, or comes into
contact with children in their chosen profession.

Although most children are brought up in loving, nurturing environments and grow up to lead happy
lives, the subject has to be discussed in order to better protect those children that need it most.
During this course you will hear many facts, figures and details surrounding the risk to children, the
types of abuse suffered, how to recognise the signs of abuse and key safeguarding legislations put in
place to minimise the abuse of children.

Once you are able to recognise the signs of possible abuse, and know the steps you should take if
you suspect it you will be better able to protect the children in your care.

CourseModule NumberModule NamePass % Required
Safeguarding Children 1 Introduction to Safeguarding Children 70
Safeguarding Children 2 Types of Abuse, who may carry it out and why children may not tell 70
Safeguarding Children 3 How to Recognise the Signs of Abuse 70
Safeguarding Children 4 What to do if you suspect a child is being abused 70
Safeguarding Children 5 Safeguarding Legislation 70
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Duration: 75 minutes (Note: This is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions).